Rental Equipment

                Groovers: Eco Safe-$30 w/seat

                 $20 per extra tank

                 Johnny Box-$40 w/seat

                 $30 per extra tank

               Fire pan w/blanket: $10 per day

               Ammo Cans: $5 per day

               Blaster: $10 per day

               4 Burner partner Stove: $20 per day

               Viking propane 11lb: $25 per trip

               Kitchen Box Complete up to 24 persons: $50 per day

               Kitchen mat: $5 per day

               Water Jugs 5 gal: $5 trip

               Roll-a-table: $8 per day

               Canyon Cooler: $20 per day

               Handwash Station: $5 per day

               NRS River Wing/ Shelter: $25 per day

               Dry bag 65L-110L: $10 per day

               Drag bag: $5 per day

               Dutch Oven: $4 per day

               Paddle: $3 per day

               PFD’s: Kids Free with Adult rental ($5 w/o)

               Adult PFD's: $10 per day

               Rescue throw bag: $20 per trip

               Rescue pin kit: $50 per trip


Rafts, SUP’s, Catarafts, and Inflatable Kayaks


Rafts: 15ft NRS full frame: $150 per day

           12ft NRS full frame: $140 per day

Fishing frame: add $20 per day

Full set-up for multi day trip: $200 per day

11ft Sabertooth: $100 per day

Stand up paddle board and Inflatable Kayaks: $50 per day



Vehicle Shuttle service

Prices are per vehicle discounts on multi vehicles


Yampa river:

State park to Dorcey                               $30

State park to pebble beach                     $40

Stat park to Loudy Simpson                     $40

State park to south Beach                       $50

Pebble beach to Loudy Simpson                $20

Pebble beach to South beach                   $30     

Little Yampa:        

South beach to Duffy take out                $60

Lower Yampa:

Juniper Canyon                                         $50

Cross Mountain                                        $60



Fully Customized Trips

Let’s Customize your trip! We’ll meet you at the put-in and pick up everything at the take out! Just pick the meals and we’ll pack everything! No trip to is too big or too small! Call us to for more rental information or to book your next trip at 970-629-8102. 


Good Vibes has quality gear with bright colors to customize your raft or camping space.